As a library subject-specialist, I can speak on a variety of topics for your library school, association, or library system. I specialize in training librarians to understand and influence political power structures for improved funding and community support. I am currently the Political Director for EveryLibrary and lecturer for San Jose State University iSchool, where I teach political advocacy. I am also the co-author of the recent book from ALA Editions called Winning Elections and Influencing Politicians for Library Funding. I offer full or half day staff training on political literacy skills, speaking and keynotes for staff development days, in-services, conference programs, and pre-conference workshops. As a former library administrator I have the ability to relate to the workplace challenges and professional development goals of library staff, trustees, and friends. If you are looking for fresh and engaging presentation topics and styles, I have been providing these skills to libraries for the last nine years.

For inquiries, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

I have been a frequent speaker, presenter, and workshop leader at staff training days and library conferences around the country as well as a participant in the Great Library Roadshow. I was a 2015 Library Journal Mover and Shaker for my advocacy work and my conference presentations are focused on supporting your conference theme with stories and best practices backed by data and research that are inspirational, motivating, and actionable for your attendees. I address individual outcomes as well as organizational engagement with relevant content to address your unique library community. Slides from a limited number of presentations are available on slideshare.

My areas of Expertise and Experience;
• Political Strategies and Activism for Libraries
• Innovative Technology and Holistic Digital Strategies
• Building Political Power in a Community
• Volunteer Management
• Social Media Tactics
• Program Development
• Library Partnerships and Collaborations
• Collection Development
• Creative Fundraising
• Library Management and Leadership
• Teen Librarianship
• School Librarianship
• Professional Development and Networking
• Advertising, Advocacy, and Marketing

I also speak on behalf of EveryLibrary on the following;
• Library Elections and Campaigns
• Political and Community Organizing
• Best Practices in Library Advocacy
• GOTV and Info-Only Campaigns
• Political and Campaign Fundraising
• Message Development
• Building Political Support for Libraries
• Creating Library Activists
• Political Tactics and Strategies that Work for Libraries
• Campaign bootcamps, trainings, and workshops
• Managing and Understanding Opposition
• Big Data and Holistic Digital Campaigns

Please note that if you choose me as your library conference keynote speaker or workshop leader, an additional conference program presentation or panel elsewhere during the session day is included, if desired.

Selected Speaking Engagements, workshops, and training sessions
California Leadership Development 2017 – Leadership Development Training
PLAN 2017 – From Advocates to Activists
New Jersey Library Association 2017 – Soundbites that Work
California Legislative Training Tour 2017 – Legislative Action Training
Wayne County Libraries 2017 – Political Training Workshop
Oakland Public Library Advocates 2016 – Advocate Training
Los Angeles Public Library 2016 – Staff training for Legislative day
Sonoma County Library 2016 – Staff Training for Campaigns
Texas Library Association 2016 – From Library Advocates to Activists
Meridian Library System 2016 – Political Networking for Library Staff
The Digital Shift 2016 – Digital Advocacy Tools
West Virginia Library Association 2016 – The Political Librarian
New England Library Association 2016 – Political Organizing for Librarians
American Library Association 2016 – Collaboratorium on Community Organizing
Arizona Library Association Conference 2015 – Party Hard, Make it Happen (bookend keynotes)
California Library Association 2015 – Your Campaign Starts Today
California Library Association 2015 – Schmoozing for Beginners
California Library Association 2015 – Develop Your Elevator Speech; Your Message Matters
Nevada Library Association 2015 – How to Win Elections and Influence Politicians
Internet Library Association 2015 – Social Media Data Strategies for Advocacy
American Library Association 2015 – Schmoozing and Networking
Indiana District 2 Conference 2015 – We>Me; Community Organizing for Libraries
Virginia Library Association Conference 2014 – How To Win Elections and Influence Politicians
Virginia Library Association Conference 2014 – The Accidental Candidate
Virginia Library Association Conference 2014 – Behind the Lines of the Political Fight for Libraries
American Library Association 2014 – Super PAC Hacks for your Library
American Library Association Midwinter 2014 – Professionalism is Killing the Profession
Computers in Libraries 2014 – SuperPAC Hacks for your Library
ALA MW 2013 – Leading your Career: Stand Out and Be Outstanding
Computers in Libraries 2013 – Ask IT (Honest Answers from your IT Department)
Computers in Libraries 2013 – Just(in) Let Your Librarians Be Awesome
San Mateo County Staff Development Day 2013 – HyperLocal Social Media
San Mateo County Staff Development Day 2013 – Community Building In the Library
ALA Annual 2012 – Professional Networking
New Jersey Library Association 2012 – Me, We (a workshop on collaboration and innovation in libraries)
Public Library Association 2012 – Engaging Customers in an Online Environment
Public Library Association 2012 – What makes A Collection? Redefining Libraries through their collections.
Internet Librarian 2012, California Library Association 2012 – Speed Technology Dating
Internet Librarian 2012, Computers in Libraries 2013 – Teen Library Users: Engaging the Next Generation
Library 2.0 2011 – Making it Happen: Take Action
California Library Association 2011 – Partying in the Profession
Future of Libraries Conference 2010 – Building Social Media Capital
Internet Librarian 2010 – The Library eBranch: More Than Just a Website

Keynotes and speaking engagements – My current average honorarium for standard speaking engagements is $1,500 as well as expenses for travel and stay. If you choose me as your conference speaker, an additional conference program presentation or panel elsewhere during the conference is typically included.

Half Day Workshop – My current average honorarium to conduct a half day training for staff or conference attendees on a highly specialized subject area tailored to your organizational needs is $2,500 as well as expenses for travel and stay. Attendees of a half-day workshop will typically develop a work-plan or an in-depth understanding of a actionable subject area.

Full Day Workshop – My current average honorarium to conduct a full day training for staff or conference attendees on multiple highly specialized subject areas is typically $3,500 as well as expenses for travel and stay. Attendees of a full-day workshop will typically develop a holistic understanding of specialized library subject matter.

Multi-Day Workshops- I can customize multiple day trainings for a more in-depth approach to staff training. Multi-day training events allow your staff and attendees to gain a full understanding of concepts and subject matter. Please contact me for rates.

All prices can fluctuate and are negotiable but are dependent on;

• Travel time and location
• Preparation time and expense
• Number of engagements throughout the conference
• Length of required stay

Please contact me directly or through the contact form below for more detailed information about honorarium and travel expenses as well as my availability.

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