Working in a library is like the Matrix

I always feel like working at a library is just like the Matrix because everything we need to do our job is right here for us at our fingertips. Anything we want to learn from languages to marketing to budgeting is available to us at all times on our shelves. So it always surprises me when I see that libraries are not at the forefront of technology, innovation, and design. I think its time that we, as librarians, take the responsibility to take the time to learn everything we need to do our jobs better. After all, how can we expect our patrons to learn when we don’t do it ourselves. So this is my challenge to all librarians – find out what you need to learn to do your job better, then learn it.

Of course, I might be totally wrong here. If I am, take the time to comment, criticize, and don’t forget to subscribe, and let me know how you feel. Thanks Team.

And as always, if you have a couple bucks laying around…. Why not donate it to the Coastal Education Project and give the gift of education to coastal communities around the world.

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