EveryLibrary- Political Director 2012-Present

At EveryLibrary I provide tactical and strategic assistance to libraries throughout their political initiatives. I create content and manage digital strategies for national voter engagement and voter education using a multitude of online platforms. I assist in development of the nation’s first and only Political Action Committee for libraries. I collect data and conduct research pertaining to voter attitudes, actions, and behaviors in regard to libraries. I work towards the formulation and oversight of policies and procedures and provide support in the financial management of the PAC, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget and review of organizational reports. I also work to fundraise nationally and manage campaigns for local library ballot measures as well as provide support, training, and consultancy in politics.

Sunnyvale Public Library- Administrative Librarian 2014-2016

As an Administrative Librarian I am responsible for managing the public services division and the managers assigned to the division. I am also responsible for performing high-level, complex work including coordinating department-wide functions, budgetary oversight, program management, developing policy and working to market library services.

San Mateo County Library- Branch Manager 2009-2014

As a Branch Manager for SMCL, I carried out organizational, managerial, budgetary, public service, and community work involved in the administration and operation of the Library Branches. I ensured the development of programs, collections, and services relevant to the community and created an open and inviting space for community members as well as focused on managing, evaluating, coaching to develop strong teams of employees.

EveryLibrary California- Executive Director, Political Strategist 2013-2014

EveryLibrary California is organized as a localized extension of EveryLibrary (national). It grew out of the need for a politically active organization dedicated exclusively to supporting a California statewide library Proposition at the ballot box. In this position I developed fundraising techniques, planned political strategies, hosted advocacy events, established coalition partners, and managed the budgetary and filing needs of the organization.

Lincoln Public Library- Branch Manager 2007-2009

At the Twelve Bridges Library I worked directly with the director in the planning and development of the construction of a 40,000 square foot joint-use library (public, high school, community college) and library system. Upon the library’s completion I took the role of Branch Manager where I wrote policy, developed strategic plans, created library procedures, planned and managed budgets, performed outreach duties to the community and local agencies, and created programming.

Green Acres Elementary- Librarian 2005-2007

As Librarian at the Green Acres Elementary Library I was given an opportunity to gain an important understanding of library operations. I created and enforced the library’s strategic plan, collection development policy and website. I was responsible for reference, cataloguing, program development, library budget, collection maintenance, and the creation of interdisciplinary library projects.

Interests, Skills, and Knowledge

  • Confidence and experience public speaking professionally
  • Experience managing multiple budgets
  • In-depth knowledge of innovative technologies,
    programs, and services in libraries
  • Excellent community relations and outreach skills
  • Extensive experience in policy, procedure, and
    strategy development
  • Excellent at finding and implementing creative
    solutions to traditional problems

One thought on “Resume

  1. Hi! It was nice meeting you at ALA! How do I get in touch with you? I guess I can ask JP for your email address. I returned to Shanghai in one piece! Thanks for the ride and great seeing you!

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