Best and Most Tweeted Tweets from the 1st Half of the Day at Internet Librarian

Due to yesterday’s larger than expected success with blogging tweets, I did it again for the first half of today’s Internet Librarian. These are the best (in my opinion) and some of the most re-tweeted tweets from this morning’s sessions. I was in the mobile library sessions and I think everyone else was in here too which explains why these were so Mobile Library heavy. The original tweets are bold and my thoughts are in regular text, if I had any.

@kristenyt Making the private and passionate experience of reading public…and then returning it to the private

@jdysart Great quotes -universe made of stories not atoms; making the experience of reading public; libs as lively places of ideas
Makes me think of coffee shops in the dark ages that played a part in spurring the renaissance

@gretchenhams Don’t just give people what they want, give them something that surprises them & better yet, yourself!
YES!! Now what… This is such a great concept, I have to figure out what to do with resources that don’t quite equal those of NYPL’s.

@AspenWalker C203: we use phones for so much. Why aren’t our library websites optimized for mobile viewing too?
Of course.. Very self-explanatory very much makes me think… what were we thinking by not optimizing our websites for mobile web

@john_fereira Jason Clark: “Twitter makes stuff better.”
I just think this one is funny and for this conference at least, very very true.

@vkline RT @gershbec: We screwed up our regular websites, so mobile is a second chance to offer a good impression

@gretchenhams new interface, way ppl touch screen needs 2 b considered, don’t clutter, keep enough space 4 fat thumbs
This is also just good advice for any of our websites.

@Rudibrarian website users think about what they need; don’t make them think abt what to click or where to look. Allow intuitive use!
Don’t make anyone using the library think more than they already have to in order to use the library.

@buffyjhamilton Toby Greenwalt’s bookmarks for “The Shoutbomb Gateway: Mobile Service from the Ground Up”
Just a solid link and good info to have.

@AspenWalker @Griffey Honeywell kitchen computer circa 1969. First home computer. $10,000. Came w/ 2 week programming class. A cutting board too
LOVE IT!! I Want one

@Library_Boy Augmented reality: effectively marking up the real world. What role will libraries play. Privacy implications?
Augmenting reality is just such a fascinating concept and I hadn’t heard much about it until just now. Read up! Its totally amazing.

@lorireed “ERATE isn’t worth it” for filtering. Have to figure in other costs…staff time for research, install, maintenance
I just like this, because I’ve thought this for soooo long. What a waste of time L

@jcasabona RT @kristenyt: .@griffey on privacy concerns with geolocation- “Get over it. Privacy is dead.”
Ok librarians, these are fighting words, let’s see some blood J

@lorireed Ex. of sites blocked: WebMD, wikipedia Hustler entry, WWII history site, Natl Geo images of beavers
So many other great sites are blocked too. How can we work around this? someone smarter than me needs to be able to figure it out.

@JustinLibrarian RT @strnglibrarian: “the future is already here. Its just not evenly distributed.”
Digital Divide anyone?

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