Best F#$%ing Chairs Ever! #library #cla09

Spiderman was here...
I’m not sure why nobody has ever thought of this before!? Or, maybe they have and I just never saw it. In either case, these are the best F@#$% chairs of all time! If you’re tired of patrons stringing their laptop wires across the library floor creating a tripping hazard for your staff and other patrons then you might want to take a look at these chairs. They have built in power and Internet ports so that when your patrons sit in them, they can just plug in their power and Internet right into the seat they’re in. I see many people using laptops in the big comfy chairs around the library and don’t always use one of those tables with the plugs and network ports and instead string their wires across the building.

This one big problem as I see it, is needing to run power through the floor to get to the chairs, but I think this can easily be solved by having the chairs in zones next to walls. It’s fairly easy to run power and data lines along a wall and the chairs can be networked together in a row to get power to the chairs further away from the wall. These spaces can create nice user-friendly spaces that don’t look like Spiderman just came swinging through spraying webs across the library. (as a side note, does anyone know what happens to all those webs that Spiderman leaves behind in New York, what do you think the cost to the city is on something like that? Is it a biohazard? Did they have to create some municipal department to deal with the disposal? Where does the funding come from for an operation like that? Ok… Anyway…) I think these chairs solve a number of power and data problems that our patrons face while sitting in the comfortable “3rd space” areas we are trying to create in some of our librares.

Data and Power in the Arm of the Chair
Power and Data on Side of Chair

Best F#$% Chairs ever are available through Community Furnishings at

2 thoughts on “Best F#$%ing Chairs Ever! #library #cla09

  1. I’m having trouble finding these chairs on the Community Furniture website. Do you know where they are listed?


    1. I believe that the chairs with plugs are an added option and not part of their mainstream product line. Like an upgrade. If you call them, I’m sure they can help you out.

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