My long list of MUST DOs in the next two years….

So, with @joeyelle joining the Peace Corps and leaving for two years, I’m a little on my own and need some things to occupy my time. I’ve had a list of things that I’ve wanted to do that has been doing nothing but growing and growing. I think I’m going to take all of the free time that I’m going to have and fill it with completing all of these things that are on my list. It will be like my own little renaissance! If you see anything on the list that you are interested in doing and live in an area somewhat close to me, feel free to join me for any of these things. I might not finish them all because some take longer than two years to complete, but I at least want to get a start on them.

So, here is a list of things Patrick needs to accomplish in the next two years….

Buy and live-aboard a Sailboat
Get a yacht surveying certification
Run for ALA office
Build an Electric Guitar From Scratch
Speak fluent Spanish (in process)
Scuba certification
Become a Certified Public Library Administrator
Ham Radio License
Knot tying
Guitar Lessons/Classes (In process)
Bungee Jump
Learn Celestial Navigation
Present at two conferences
Publish 2-5 professional articles
Begin either a Masters in Business Admin or PHD in Information Ethics
Finally finish reading the Harvard 5 foot shelf of books
Captain’s License
Publish a short story
Learn HTML and other programming languages
Hang glide

Build/learn a bunch of stuff (I can do it here)

  • Build a radio from scratch
  • Welding
  • Build a Cigar Box Guitar
  • Build a Telescope
  • Learn Basic Cabinetry
  • Automotive/diesel repair

And does anyone have any other suggestions?

9 thoughts on “My long list of MUST DOs in the next two years….

  1. Are you planning on changing careers or just taking some time off to sail? It’s an impressive list! I don’t know if I could accomplish all of that myself in 2 years.

    1. One of the big reasons I took this really great job in the Bay Area, was its proximity to the Bay. I am buying my boat in June or July and moving aboard in August. 🙂

    1. I’d love to go over there after I get certified! Although… When Jo gets back from PC and saving the world and I have my boat, I do know that one of the bigger trips we are planning after shes gets her sea legs is out to Hawaii 🙂

  2. Sailboat living is fun. Lived on a 72 foot sailboat in Redwood City for about a year – while I was a San Jose State working on my B.A.
    You certainly learn to minimize your life!

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