My Favorite #library Tweets from 12/11/09-12/18/09

Here is my second attempt to collect the collective wisdom of the #library hashtag. Some of these are just funny, some are just good information. I do want to mention that I left out two tweets from this list because I’m pretty sure everyone has already seen them. The first is the “Afropicks” from PW and the second is the 99 year overdue book. I think we’ve all had enough of both of these.

@ilikeyourshirt: oh hey englsih homework i didnt finish last night
I don’t usually like to make fun of people here, but this was too funny! Judging by this tweet, I’m pretty sure this guy REALLY needs to do this homework. Not that my English is any better though.

@tiffanye: Trying to catalog books but SO distracted! Friday may not be the best day to catalog?
Is there EVER a good day to catalog? It’s the one thing in librarianship that I dread whenever I have to do it. But good luck to you!

@MiniBookBytes: Westminster police throw the book at late library patrons:
My favorite part of this is the quote from the police chief who says “Now that [the police] have nothing better to do…” I wonder… if they got rid of one of the unneeded police officers, would that cover the amount owed to the city by the library fines?

@lisaburscheidt: Am being given a lift through snow 10 cm high and rising. Hello traffic jam! We should have closed the library early. Bloody hell.
Mostly, I just love when people say “Bloody Hell.” I need to work on my accent so I can pull that one off.

@somnath4life: Sweet the burnaby public library website has a new design!
This is a good blog based web design. Clean and simple. I like it.

@interactiver: “I want to learn computer programming.” “Ok, which language?” “English.” “How about Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computers?” “Ok.”
HAHAHA!!!! Yeah, I think we’ve all gotten something like this. I just love how some reference interviews turn out.

@mcmusic1212: taking a #dump in the #library
My first question is- Is it necessary to hashtag dump?
Me second question is- Where in the library?

@nicolepugh: Check your local public #library for these! (and more): RT @Cool_Running Winning Books for Active People:
I like that she found a tweet about books and then RTed the list reminding people that there were available in the library. Something I need to do more often when I find blogger’s lists of books.

@pr_library: Augmented reality for LibraryThing Local
I’m going to have to go get this app. I’m so excited about this whole augmented reality idea!

@dmguion: How to search in an online #library catalog
Good article. I’m going to email this one around to some folks I know.

@: I think phone apps created by the #library is a wonderful idea. Good work #DCPL
Every library needs their own iPhone app.

@esperanca: Love this: Phone box turned into a #library (BBC) –
This is fun and very cool. I wish we had phone boxes in The States.

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