CLA BattleDecks: Battle Royale #calibconf

This fun and exciting program will challenge some of the best Library Presenters in California to show their skill and test their mettle!

Presenters will battle it out to give the best improvisational presentation based upon a set of 10 often humorous, unrelated, and hand-created slides that they are seeing for the first time live on stage. The presenters will face tough judgment and scrutiny from an unbiased and inscrutable team of judges. The best presenter will be determined based upon a variety of criteria but most importantly on their overall level of AWESOME! The most awesome presenter will walk away with the pride and honor of being crowned CLA/CSLA Battledecks champion of 2010.

Awesomeness, entertainment, and hilarity, along with a healthy dose of learning, is guaranteed for all!

Here is a glimpse into one of the original Battledecks competitions from SXSW.

Here are some quick glimpses of Battledecks, Librarian Syle from ALA Annual 2010.

Following the state library reception at 7pm in the Convention Center Main Deck from 7-8 pm (the same time)

Contenders for the title: (Could it be you? Volunteer!!)
1) Jose Aponte
2) Andrew Carlos
3) Lori Bowen Ayre
4) Joan Frye Williams
5) Jill Sonnenberg
6) Sam McBane Mulford
7) Julie Farnsworth

Judges: (Could it be you? Volunteer!!)
1) Stacey Aldrich
2) Rivkah Sass
3) Rosario Garza
4) Gene Ambaum

Emcee: Patrick Sweeney
Timekeeper/Vanna White: Tiffany Mair
Slidemakers: Patrick Sweeney, Lori Easterwood, ______
Logo (coming soon): __Anyone a graphic artist?____
Halftime Entertainment: A set of some the best Library Related viral-videos on the Web!

Prizes: (To be Announced)

For more information or to view the event on Facebook

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