Libraries… Use get clicky is a great web analytics tool that is not only free and easy to use but extremely powerful. You can see who is visiting your website, from where, where they go on your site, and what operating system and browser they use. This can allow libraries to make better educated decisions about the design of their websites. Take a look!

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Create a searchbox for Webvoyage 7.0 on your library homepage

Every library website should include a quick OPAC search box.  They’re easy to create and easy to use for your patrons.  Now, with a little help from my brother, I created a quick searchbox for webvoyage 7.0.  I’m going to shamelessly plug his company that helped me –
To see or try out this searchbox in action check out our library’s website at
Here is the code for the search box
Here is the top ten or so webvoage hacks
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