From is an online magazine about librarians and library culture. We are curating relevant content from all over the internet as well as original content from librarians. We believe that we is greater than me and that’s why we are not or .org but .US. It’s about us as librarians making it happen together for our communities and helping librarians make connections.

We are committed to supporting librarians and library advocacy projects. We do this by raising awareness of projects and helping with funding. We have dedicated a portion of our proceeds to go towards helping librarians achieve their goals, to making contributions to library advocacy projects, and to connecting librarians to each other online and IRL.

We are committed to discussing and showcasing anything that is relevant to librarians. Some of our posts will be controversial. You might not agree with them. In fact, we might not agree with them. We do believe that you deserve a voice and that a diversity of voices ensures strong debate and discussion where others publications might shy away. We encourage you to get involved in the discussions but refrain from personal attacks, aggression, or threats.

We are committed to giving you a voice in the profession. We have created a new model for webinars. We encourage librarians to submit proposals for webinars on a wide variety or topics. Instead of paying a flat rate, we pay you by the number of people that attend. Because of our low risk model, we can offer a larger range of subjects that other organizations might stay away from. If you want to talk about best practices in storytime or issues on diversity in the larger profession, we welcome you.

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