The best 8 Tweets from Wednesday at #il2009 (or at least my favorite)

I think we’re starting to wind down this conference. Either there weren’t as many great presentations or all the twitterers have gone home already. I felt like there weren’t as many great tweets or thought provoking ideas put out as there were the other two days. Once again, these are my favorites from Internet Librarian 2009.

@grrb Use peer pressure and donuts to inspire staff to use new technologies.
I would also try to use beer as that seems to help get those creative juices flowing. I always seem to learn the most at a conference while out drinking with colleagues.

@desertlibrarian as with any other shiny new toys & tools, make sure you have a need and purpose for a sandbox before devoting time and resources
Yes, please don’t let the sandbox be like Second Life. Don’t invest in a waste of time and resources.

@theanalogdivide Sony at dawn of transistor – used word that detailed its real use. “Pocketable radio” sold 1.5M units in Japan alone
Hmmm… That’s a great thought. Should we rename libraries? Ah, I fear we’re too late for that. Maybe we should have thought of a better name for it a couple hundred years ago.

@degreesofshine Play with the technology! Its practice, its play and its fun! Its okay to be silly!
Always, always, play. That’s just a great life rule!

@Carravagio Reward both success and failure, but punish inaction. Innovation comes from quantity
Inaction has been the death of libraries for far too long. This needs to be fixed now!

@Cindy_Shamel Library 101 merits a look. Awesome video launched at
If you’re not familiar with Library 101, I can’t say enough great things, so I’m not going to try. Take some time, learn and contribute.

@Zuma_Rain can get the ‘good stuff’ from the other sessions by reading others’ tweets (I LUB DIS)
Can I say that Twitter has changed everything I have thought about conferences?

@htomren when dealing with change, your level of positivity or negativity affects everything. Buddhist quote: “lean into your discomfort”
For all you manager… When presenting a change, just be positive. Actually, as a manager always be positive! No need for negativity, EVER.