Library locator iPhone application

I just found an iPhone application that locates all of the libraries around you. This application was designed by a mother who was frustrated with trying to find libraries near her while she was out driving with the kids.  The concept is simple, if the kids are screaming in car, she can now find a library for them to scream in!   Actually, I think this application is fun and simple and very handy for mothers who are looking for something fun, educational, cheap and close to them wherever they are.  Interestingly enough this app is called simply “library.” While I’m a little disappointed in some of the functionality of it, overall I think it’s going to be fun to use when I go to some of my conferences this year. I plan on touring a bunch of libraries when I’m in Monterey, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington DC at the conferences this year. So I’m going to try it out while I’m out there.

Because this application is only a quick way to find the libraries closest to me it will make it about 10 seconds quicker to find the libraries than if I didn’t have it. Thus saving me a total of about 5 minutes throughout the year. If I didn’t have the application I would have to go through all the trouble of opening Google maps and actually typing the word “library” into the search feature. This application saves me that trouble!

Actually, the only thing this app does is open Google maps and pin drop the libraries around me. What I wanted was an application that would find libraries in places further away from me so I could plan some road trips accordingly. For example, I could have the option of typing in a city or zipcode or something and it would locate all the libraries in that city. This app doesn’t do that. It only finds ones within a 4-5 mile radius and that is a little frustrating. I also wanted to be able to maybe link to their programs and services listings for that day, or even the catalog.  But that would require some changes on the library’s part and I can hardly blame the programmer of the application for that.  But then…. I guess… How many people plan road trips visiting libraries? Wow, I need a hobby!

Here is the Link to the “Library” Application

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