Twitter Summary of Internet Librarian 2009 #il2009 #library

*note* This is an updated post. I got to some more reliable internet access and added the links and formatting I wanted. Its a little better now. Thanks to everyone who RTed the original!! *note*

I was going to try to write a Blog summarizing my thoughts on the first day of Internet Librarian but realized this was already done for me on twitter. So instead of re-writing everything that people are already saying… I’m posting SOME of my favorite tweets from #il2009 on Monday, October 26. On some of them I have added my own commentary and I removed the #il2009 hashtag, but I left the twitter name of the person who tweeted it. Don’t be shy about following these folks. They’re good people and have my patented seal of approval!

@mamccallister Word. RT @rphulser: “If u don’t like change, ur going to like irrelevance even less.” Gen. Eric Shinseki as cited by @rtennant
I couldn’t agree more with this statement and I’ve been politely yelling about this since library school.

@LibTechSucks All this silly dithering about twitter. The only way to converse is in leather chairs with some Oban 14yr.
Ok this character’s tweets are getting funnier but only because I kind of agree with this one. I’m a big fan of a big leather chair, a good stiff drink (on the rocks) and some good folks to talk to.

@infogdss29 Put chat windows in the locations (online) where people get frustrated
Also, can I add? Put all kinds of windows in the locations online where the patrons are, or (use my catalog search widget video) and let the patrons put the library where they are.

@walkingpaper great quote- @davidleeking: “i’m a librarian. people stop to ask me questions in the grocery store. Why not let that happen online?”
Why not let it happen everywhere? It makes me think we’re kind of like doctors in this sense. “oh! You’re a doctor? Hey, listen… I got this rash…”

@kristenyt Wii has changed the way people interact w/ computers. What’s the future in physical computing?
This is a great question… I’m going to think about this one for a while.

@ahniwa Use events networks like Eventful,,, and Craigslist to create awareness of library events.

@kristenyt Users know library has the best content, but want a more convenient access point – single search box.
This is very true… Why do libraries have the worst search boxes? I think we need to be doing a little more market research.

@varnum John Law: Users know that libraries have the best research content & resources The library is NOT the easiest place to start.

@john_fereira A picture is worth a 1000 words. Take as much time as you would to read 1000 words to look at a visualization.

@varnum K. Godfrey: Nielsen Report says YouTube’s largest user group is 18-24 yr-olds. This is our demographic. Why aren’t we there?

@infogdss29 dear librarians, pls stop being snobs about freeware kthxbai – link 2 open access open source zero cost resources… FREE ?= inferior
This is absolutely spectacular! Can we please STOP PAYING for databases already? I think we’re beyond that point.

@gretchenhams RT @pollyalida: “Rejoice in failures – it means you’re pushing the boundaries” sarah houghton jan – live that.
Sooo true. The only time I really learn something is when I fail at it the first time.

@Rudibrarian when working with nextgen, you have to know where your students are, work with them in the formats they use.
….And go to where their formats are.

@buffyjhamilton Website design principles: simple/clean; tighter integration of website and catalogue; expose/repackage library services

@AspenWalker Cloud collaboration: is user-friendly and fun project management option. it also syncs with google calendar.
I’m going to have to go figure out this new “Cloud” buzzword. Apparently it’s derived from the concept of cloud computing in which multiple systems work on a common project? Sounds like the new management “thing”

@AmbivaTwit cloud computing: not replacement for actual assembling of humans in lib but will impact how we think about lib spaces.

And of course… My favorite Tweet
@Tombrarian : @librarianbyday has a box of monkeys

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