A Visual History of (Professional) Partying: For JP

I have many reasons to publicly thank JP Porcaro. Most notably, his philosophy on partying as a professional activity. In fact, its been such a significant influence on my professional career (ALA Think Tank, networking, conferences, in my community, fundraising, library programs) that I’m going to be presenting on the importance of partying as a professional activity at this year’s California Library Association Conference in Pasadena with Jill Sonnenberg and Annie O’Dea Hestbeck. This presentation will be the only one to cross the professional barrier between CLA and CLSA so if you’re in school libraries or public or academic come out and check out what we have to say. You brain will implode with awesome.

There will also be an EPIC afterparty (networking social) somewhere in Pasadena organized by Jill and myself.

So, to further the professional discussion, I bring you this history of partying info-graphic.

2 thoughts on “A Visual History of (Professional) Partying: For JP

  1. OK…so I read through and got to the shirts and thought that it said:

    Ain’t Nothing but “Like” Libraries
    a Library Party

    And said, Hmmm, that is interesting.

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