I currently work as Political Director for EveryLibrary. EveryLibrary is the first and only Political Action Committee for libraries in the United States. We are organized as a 501c4 and we’ve helped dozens of libraries with local library funding initiatives either as a direct political action or a ballot campaign. I am responsible for digital organizing and digital campaign management, political consulting, leading political training and workshops, and fundraising initiatives. You can find out more about our full scope of work at EveryLibrary.org, take action for libraries, check up on us at Guidestar, or buy our book that was published by ALA.

I previously served as Administrative Librarian (Assistant Director) at Sunnyvale Public Library. Here I managed the public services of the library while performing a wide range of administrative functions including preparing and administering the divisional budget, supervising program managers, coordinating department-wide activities, and overseeing programs, services, collections, and grants within the division.

As a branch manager of both the Atherton and East Palo Alto Library Branches I performed as a leader to the staff. I carried out organizational, managerial, public service, and community work involved in the administration and operation of the Library Branches. I ensured the development of programs, collections, and services relevant to community and creating an open and inviting space for community members. I also worked with my personnel in areas of goal setting, professional development, and evaluating their performances.

Throughout the SMCL organization I have gained experience through committees and workgroups. I served on the organization’s emerging technologies committee that advised the direction and implementation of new technologies. I am also chair of the social media workgroup and I developed our social media strategy. I work as part of the intranet task force that is responsible for creating and implementing a new intranet. I am responsible for aspects of systemwide collection development and the collections budget.

At the Twelve Bridges Library I had the opportunity to work directly with the director in the planning and development of the construction of a 40,000 square foot joint-use library (public, high school, community college). Upon the library’s completion I took the role of Branch Manager where I created and maintained the library system’s online social media profile and website. I wrote policy, created library procedures, performed outreach duties to the community and local agencies, and created programming. I developed, planned, and managed the operating budgets of the newly formed library. I managed day-to-day operations and I was responsible for the hiring, training, and scheduling of the opening day employees. I ensured the quality and standards of a great customer experience and a high-level of library experience.

Beyond my work in my own libraries, I have held many positions in organizations and have had a number of experiences that enhance and broaden my skill sets. While in the MLIS program at San Jose State I was the Co-Chair and Web-Coordinator for the American Library Association (Student Chapter) where our organization won an Associated Students Award for our online outreach program efforts through Youtube and other social networking sites. I have continued this involvement in the professional organization through involvement in the ALA Ethics Committee, ALA Council, Library Boing Boing workgroup, chair of the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee, and member of the Committee on Committees. I have participated in various continuing education opportunities such as the Eureka Program from InfoPeople, ALA Emerging Leaders, and many other leadership courses. I have been a speaker at a multitude of conferences, webinars, and staff development days where I spoke primarily on innovative collections, cultivating and utilizing social capital, library management, political and grassroots library advocacy, and technology implementation.

By participating in the Great Library Roadshow sponsored by OCLC and Library Journal, I have expanded my knowledge and understanding of libraries across the country. Additionally, I blog about library issues this website and I have worked to bring together librarians from around the bay by organizing many networking events for library professionals at all levels. I have grown my political skills sets by serving on the Board of Directors for EveryLibrary, the newly developed Super PAC that seeks to raise money and resources to support libraries at the ballot box. Most recently I became director of the California state-wide PAC for libraries called EveryLibrary California.

I have also continued my passion for librarianship beyond official work in the professional organizations and my personal life. In my free time I created a highly successful library and literacy advocacy project bringing books to the bay via sailboat called the Story Sailboat that was funded online via crowdsourcing. Sailing has also enhanced my leadership and responsibility ideals through the intensive United States Coast Guard Captain’s licensing process.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there

    I watched your video about making an OPAC widget and I managed to make one for our library, so thank you so much for that!

    I was wondering if you have had success getting these widgetbox widgets to work on Facebook, and if so, how did you do it? I tried pasting all of the code into an FMBL box on Facebook and it just is not working out.

    Thanks for any tips you might be able to send my way,


  2. I know I did it about a year and a half ago but I don’t remember how. I don’t really have a solution as I don’t have access to a Library’s Facebook Fan page at the moment at my new job. But, It looks like when you use the facebook button from within widgetbox it simply advertises the widget on your facebook page and doesn’t actually provide you with a widget for people who view your library’s page. But this might be ok because I have the feeling that the widgets are for your patron’s to put in places that are meaningful to them, not necessarily for the library to put in places (although in some cases it does make it easier) I would try using the rough code as well.

  3. Dear Mr. Sweeney,
    As an active team member at Libramation, we are very pleased to read your RFID experience at the Mountain View Public Library. We worked very hard and closely with management and staff to achieve the best RFID system on the market. As a result, the MVPL have been achieving for over one year a consistent 97% circulation via the 5 RFID Self-Check stations from Libramation. Patrons find the process extremely easy and super fast. I hope to hear from you, and hope to share additional experiences.

  4. hey, my name is wong, and currently im doing my final year project in my university, my title is fingerprint verification library management system, i read through your post about ” Death to the Library Card! “…can i ask u some questions personally for my project? please drop me a mail if u r interested, urgently need ur help, and thanks…wongqj89@gmail.com

  5. Hey Mr. Sweeney,

    I am Megan– a student intern at FindTheBest. I really like your blog and would like to feature you on our Blog Comparison for free. If you are interested, please email me at mfunk(at)findthebest(dot)com and I can send you the details.


  6. Dear Mr. Sweeney,

    I represent an organization called the Metrolina Library Association in Charlotte, NC. Every year we hold a very popular and well-attended Information Literacy Conference in June. We would be very interested in contacting you about possible being our keynote speaker for next year. If you are interested please email me!

    Thank you!

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