Seed Library

From Collective Roots

The East Palo Alto Seed Library is a project in partnership with the Collective Roots to make high quality, organic seeds for year round gardening available to members of the Backyard Gardener Network and home food producers in our community. Visit the seed library at 2145 University Avenue, East Palo Alto, inside the public library!

The seeds in the Seed Library are organized by plant family, with a planting calendar indicating which families will be most successful during each planting season. Gardeners can come and “borrow” seeds from as many varieties of plants as they have room to grow! Those that participate in our seed saving classes and workshops can save seeds from their gardens at home and deposit them back in to the library. Eventually, we hope the Seed Library will be a constantly regenerating source of locally viable seed, created and maintained by our community of gardeners!

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