Awesome Friday Library Fun! #library #ala10

Alright team… Say you’re sitting in your office or at home and need to waste about 30 minutes on some library “related” videos. For this, I have just the thing you need. May I present Silent Library? Silent library is a Japanese game show set in a library where contestants must partake in humorous antics without making any noise. Because… Ya know… They’re in a library. I’m pretty sure that it’s the least complex game show of all time and it will only take you a couple of seconds to figure it all out but this first video will give you the general idea.

This is my favorite one…

But for more hilarity and library antics here’s the link to the youtube search results for Silent Library. Have fun team.

Friday Favorites: My Favorite #library Tweets from 12/07/09-12/11/09

As I’ve been perusing the twitter feed for the hastag #library, I’ve noticed that there are some great ideas on here and I want to collect as many of them as possible. It just reminds how many librarians there are out there who are much smarter than me. These folks are doing some great work and showcasing a lot of it on their twitter feeds so I thought I’d like to share some of my favorites from this past week. There were a whole lot of other great posts out there besides the ones marked with the #library hashtag but I limited it because this post would be far too long had I not set some kind of limitation on it. Some of these posts are funny, some are informative, and some have links to even more information if you’re interested. If people like this, I’ll try to do it every Friday!

@Renato71: They’re building the new library here in #helmond
I love new about new libraries being built! It seems like Library Journal is filled with a lot of doom and gloom news about libraries closing right now and posts like this make me happy

@Jason_Scroggins: The Library Study at Fresno State:
This is a very complete study on library spaces and usage at Fresno State via a design anthropological perspective. This study is so complete, in fact, that it is longer than 140 characters and thus I haven’t read it, but I’m thinking really hard about reading it.

@interactiver Thanks for the nifty craft ideas!
There are some great one-hour craft ideas that are a boon to library programs available here. They are cheap and easy, just the way we like’em!

@wawoodworth: Blogged: The search for the next big thing, ctd.
Yet another great post from the blog. If you’re not reading it…

@dmguion: How to take the fullest advantage of resources
This is a great blog post that would be more suitable for our patrons to read than us librarians. If you’re in a position to get this post out to your public, then I think it should be done. There is a lot of good information here about the ways that your patrons can take advantage (in a good way) of your library.

@tamahoc: excited about the soon-to-come new city centre
Excellent information the economic value of a new library in a community and what that library will bring its residence in $$$. Most of the information comes from the Urban Institute. (not to be confused with the Urban Libraries Council)

@tamahoc: rethinking the restroom question at the
I just always a big kick out of debates that are going on in the reference sector of librarianship. RUSA always makes me smile and giggle a little

@brothadave202: oh battery bout to die..time to hit up da Library
Way to use the library brothadave! Thanks for stopping by, even if it’s just to charge your batteries. While you’re here, by the way, we also have books! Just FYI…

@justhvk : Should you become a librarian?
SUPER FUNNY flowcharts always make for a better day!

@CoffeeTimeRoman: Every librarian needs to see this: How libraries can adapt to changing users & environments
This is a good slideshow, some good thoughts

@tiffanye Top 5 library commercials on youtube: // Number 2 is my fave! Which is yours?
Oh good, more ways to waste time on Youtube! I’ll always oblige. There are some good ones.

@cougarlibrarian: The balls on our library Christmas tree are big and unbreakable. Just like the balls of our #library staff.
HAHAHAHA!!! ‘nuff said…