Social Media Roundup of Internet Librarian

So you didn’t go to Internet Librarian? That’s Ok. The best thing about internet Librarian is that everyone is so… Internety. All of the awesome stuff that happened throughout the conference was digitally shared via all kinds of avenues. Instead of making you scour the interwebs for all of this stuff, I’ve created the following roundup of online postings, tweets, blogs, etc… That you should check out from the conference.

The first thing you should check out is Librarian in Black’s live-blogging series of conference sessions. If you don’t know of Sarah, first climb out from under the rock then read her posts here. This is probably the most complete series of blog posts about the conference on the web. Every single one of the sessions that she attended were summarized in pretty great detail. It’s almost as good as being there.

Stephen Abram posted the slides and some extra information about the Teen preconference Session on his blog Stephen’s Lighthouse. I had a great time presenting with a fantastic panel of librarians and IT folks at this preconference. Everyone had some amazing ideas and great information!

The most controversial session was the Wednesday Morning Keynote with Roy Tennant and Steve Coffman. I won’t go into all the controversy, but it was fairly entertaining and the good stuff from the session was summed up on the infotoday blog.

Justin Hoenke listed a bunch of the great tweets coming out of Internet librarian on his blog. This is a great compilation of the awesome things that were talked about throughout the conference. You won’t have to rely on the twitter search and LONG string RTs and replies etc… This is just the cream of the crop.

Of course, if you want to see EVERYTHING that happened at the conference that was important, its pretty easy to perform a search on the ever present twitter but you should remember that there was some confusion about what hashtag to use, so be sure to search both #il2012 and the official hashtag #internetlibrarian. I feel like less people were tweeting this conference than last year, but there was still a lot of really interesting discussions that went on there.

In fact, one of the key takeaways on the twitter backchannel of the conference was that people need to stop using QR Codes in libraries. I thought this was funny because when people post about QR Codes, I always snarkely post this back. However, I have nothing on the snarkyness of the Librarian in Black, and in fact, her tweet was the most retweeted and responded to tweets at IL.

Just as a cool sidenote to twitter, info today posted this graphic on their Facebook page that graphically shows people’s tweets! Very cool.

I am excited to see Storify get some great use at this conference. This was one of the best uses of Storify that I can think of since Lisa Carlucci’s coverage of the Great Library Roadshow. In this Stori, Cecily pieces together a great online discussion of the transformative power of libraries.

Jason Griffey created an amazing device called the Library Box and Polly-Alida Farrington built one for just $30. She brought it to IL and had everyone take a picture with it. You can see just how small and manageable the device is. In fact, we talked about it at the Speed Technology Dating program and some of it’s possible uses inside librarians or tabling at community events.

While there aren’t many posted just yet, there are probably going to be a large amount of slide decks being posted to Slideshare. I could only find a few, but hopefully people will tag their decks with either #il2012 or #internetlibrarian and we can find them all.

If you posted something about Internet Librarian that you would like to share, please feel free to link it below in the comments!

Speed Technology Dating Slides at Internet Librarian

These are the slides from our presentation at Internet Librarian 2012. Toby Greenwalt, Jeremy Snell, and Patrick Sweeney compiled a list of 30 new kinds of technology that can be easily and cheaply implemented in your library.