Weekly #Library Recap of Awesomeness

Here is list of some of the awesome things I’ve seen online about libraries in the last week. There is always so much that I want to go back and revisit but I can never find it again. So, I’m going to generate this weekly list of library awesomeness so that I have a good record. But also, so that you can find out some of the things you might have missed. If I missed something super awesome, please let me know so that I can add it! Thanks team.


#onthisday in 1986, a fire at the Central Los Angeles Public Library destroyed 400,000 items.

whens the last time u been to the library tho?!?…they just call em barnes and nobles.. or borders now huh?

Great study from Gates Foundation on importance of electronic access & library patrons, when NJ is facing 74% in cuts. http://bit.ly/a1unuZ

So… if you want a library job, apparently Harvard is the place to be. 12 jobs posted on @higheredjobs today!

This summer our library is reading this book for a special event called “One Book, One Twitter!” Join us!

Mental Floss posts links to things happening at libraries around the United States. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs

5 great tutorial websites to learn how to do something: http://is.gd/bIQwM #yam


21st Century Library Blog
I just found this blog, forgive me… But its filled with awesome!

Finally, good news on the library funding front!

Other Nonsense

The most ecologically sustainable way to read your books is still a walk to the local library

Awesomeness in Iraq! Cool story

If you are planning any awesome CA Bay Area Library events, don’t forget to post them on the facebook page !

Why Harry Potter is evil
Well… on her list of reasons why its evil… The Latin language HAHAHA