Blogged: Libraries and Online Social Capital in a 2.0 World

While I was playing around with and finding all kinds of library awesomeness, I decided that I would post one of my own. This presentation isn’t finished and I want to write some blog posts to go along with it because I think I might be on to something.

Yeah, I know there is a large amount of text on this presentation, but that is so that it makes more sense without me speaking. When I finally get the courage to submit this to a conference to present I’m going to remake it without the text.

This presentation about the concept of Online Social Capital and how libraries need to be thinking about it when they are creating their online profiles. I haven’t read about anyone thinking about online social capital but everyone is kind of dancing around the subject in various ways. I hope that this concept helps to clear up the question of “Why libraries should be involved in online networks.”

I won’t go into too much detail in this post and I hope that you get the information you need from this presentation, but expect some future blog posts that expand on some of the key concepts here. Let me know what you think.

*I am a little frustrated with figuring out how to get the pictures in the presentation to load. Right now there are photos that say that Quicktime and a Decompressor are needed to view the photos. If someone knows how to get that to work I’m all ears.

Cool #Library SlideShare Presentations #ala10

I spent some time today playing around with Slideshare is a website that allows its users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations. I know that PowerPoint is overused and incorrectly used fairly often but while I was looking through some of the library related presentations I found a couple of really good ones on a few different subjects. If you want to take some time and flip through some very informative presentations, I’m putting out my four favorites.

Library 2.0
This first presentation is on Libraries and Web 2.0. Ok, yes… EVERY library presentation on Slideshare is about Library 2.0 and Library’s use of web 2.0, I know. Anyway, while I do love this topic and encourage libraries to take part, I’m becoming exceedingly tired of hearing about Library 2.0 as nobody seems to have anything else to talk about at conferences. However, this is a good presentation by K.G. Schneider. So, if you haven’t already heard enough already about this subject, here’s a presentation that will tell you a lot of what you should already know.

Beautiful Libraries of the World
This one is just fun to flip through. Pretty self-explanatory actually. Have fun drooling 

Second Life and Libraries
Ahh… Second Life. No comment. But it’s a good presentation anyway.

Gaming in Libraries
Where is the presentation on gaming in libraries on Slideshare? But this one is really good too. If you’re thinking of creating a gaming collection or still need some convincing then you should check this one out.

Do you have a presentation on Slideshare or have a favorite? Let me know, I want to see it!