Top 8 Tweets from #cla09 #library

All-time 8 best tweets from the California Library Association #CLA09

The CLA conference was an interesting weekend of technology deficiency and lackluster participation from both the venders and presenters. Unfortunately there was a sadly insignificant amount of tweeting going on and this is probably due mostly to the fact that there was no Wireless Internet available anywhere in the workshops. However, a HUGE thank you must go out to @strategicimp for providing the one wireless area at the conference and for providing (in my opinion) the best part of the conference, which was actually the Unconference.

I won’t go into too many details, but truly, I’m not sure what I would have done had that area not been set up. There were a couple of good discussions and quite a few great librarians (and librarians to be) hanging around the unconference “stealing” the internet and networking with each other. I hope they continue this event next year and get even more participants.

Although the tweets were few and far between I did manage to find a couple that I thought had some significance. The following are (in my opinion) the top eight tweets from #CLA09 and most came from the movers and shakers presentation that I had to miss.

@derekwolfgram “sometime you just gotta do stuff, and it pisses people off” -Lisa R

@joycenlee Think about how to leverage your past experiences. Just b/c they’re not directly related doesn’t mean they’re not relevant.

@jdscott50 “Gain a broad perspective of the organization, own your job, your role, be accountable, create mentor relationships.”

@tiffanylora “Leaders motivate others to create their own vision and together we can affect change.” ~Cindy Mediavilla

@sudofonik Think and be positive; don’t assume you won’t get an interview. There might only be a handful of applicants

@kgould “policy is the history of bad behavior” (the Unshelved guys)

@strategicimp focus on the experience u want to create – them design services and environment to make them real. ABA !

@bibliotechnical: Step 1 for digital collection make friends with political figures in community

There were some other good ones, but there were some even better tweeples present at CLA. While I couldn’t list great tweets from every single one of them I did want to mention that the following listing of librarians on Twitter are awesome people for twittering about the conference and being cool! I was just going to make a list on Twitter, but that feature needs some work and you should probably just follow these kickass folks anyway so….


And if I left you out of my CLA tweeples list, it was a mistake. Let me know that you were there and tweeting and I’ll add you in! Good times team 🙂