Dear Anatomy of a Librarian – You forgot kicking ass and being awesome.

I always find these kinds of graphics interesting. Usually though, its because I’m interested in their design instead of the information. In this case, I think that this graphic brings to mind more questions than it answers but it’s still pretty.

Anatomy Of a Librarian
Anatomy Of a Librarian

1) The average librarian makes 60+ a year? I’m now wondering how they came up with that average. Obviously, they are taking full careers into consideration and not just the entry level positions. In which case, I wonder how many years an average librarian has to work to reach the average pay? And that makes me wonder, what is the average career span of a librarian? By this, do they mean only those working as a librarian or are they considering library manager, directors, and other higher management as well?

2) The highest largest amount of librarians are between 24 and 54? Are you freaking kidding me? So the average librarian is aged somewhere in the average age range for a person who has professional level career before retirement? I would be far more interested if this was broken down into at least 5 year increments since you need an MLIS to be a librarian and so few people get post graduate degrees before 24 anyway. People also begin to retire after 54 so this 30 year age range makes this data completely uninteresting. Basically they are saying that people in the average working age range have jobs.

3) The left and right brain stuff is kinda interesting, but what is more interesting is what the crap is written in all those little subsections of this girl’s cranium? I mean, there could be anything in there! I think, at least its my guess, that this is where the how to clean the toilet, dealing with unruly patrons watching porn, and changing lightbulbs is listed in the graphic because I don’t see that anywhere else. The big stuff on the outside is everything I thought librarianship was going to be, and the I’m guessing the stuff on the inside is all the other stuff nobody tells you about.

4) The where they work part is actually interesting, I liked this part.

5) Brief history? No kidding… Franklin to Dewey? What about Carnegie!? This crap is only 150 years long and at its most recent it’s 130 years out of date!! Libraries have been around since 350 BC and this is the crap they decided to show? WTF?

6/7) Gender and recreational activities are also fairly uninteresting because it’s exactly what you would expect. But I want to add a section. I think that overall, librarians most significant recreational activity is kicking ass and being awesome! So where is that catagory?

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8 thoughts on “Dear Anatomy of a Librarian – You forgot kicking ass and being awesome.

  1. I especially love that one of their sources is the wikipedia entry on Librarians. They do have a link to a LOC website, but nothing from the ALA which is interesting.

    1. Well I looked at a blog and when it became clear
      The origin was “phish” and looking for fare
      After writing my post I realized, this blog was rare
      and I thought nah, forget it, I’ll post, I don’t care.

  2. Blogging and Bellydancing are about the same. I want to meet more Belly Dancing librarians because I think I know a decent amount of the blogging one now.

    1. Yeah, I feel we haven’t really heard enough from the Bellydancing librarians. I wonder if that’s because they don’t blog? BTW, isn’t this the graphic from Stephen Abram? I was going to look for it on his blog but I never got around to it.

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