Did You Know ALA Voted, Where Were You?

Erica Findley recently had a rant on the ALA Think Tank Facebook page where she questioned the ridiculously low turnout of the ALA Elections. This year for example, only 9,618 people voted which is almost one thousand less than last year! This is something that amazes me year after year and to which I have my own responses. But rhe responses she received ranged widely across the board. Because the group is about finding solutions and #MIH, The Oleg Kagan created a survey for members of ALA who didn’t vote. Its only one question and you can leave some comments if you want to. So, if you didn’t participate in the ALA Elections, here’s your chance. The survey can be found at –

ALA Non-Voter’s Survey

And the short link to copy into twitter-

If you can help him out and distribute it as much as you can by posting on your facebook account, sending out on the listservs that you’re a part of, and retweeting it like its hot, I’m sure he would appreciate it.

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5 thoughts on “Did You Know ALA Voted, Where Were You?

  1. “I’m sure he would appreciate it.”

    I sure would.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Nice new masthead…But does that dark area in between the book and boat really define you? ;O)

    1. No Prob, I think this is an important survey. How long are you taking it BTW?

      Also, the dark area represents the vast longing and dark transition between my boat world and the library world. 🙂

  2. 400 or so responses would be great. That would mean we can generalize the findings to the forty thousand who didn’t vote (with a few reservations).

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