Save Oakland Public Libraries is AWESOME!!

Via the Amazing Rosario Garza

“Here’s a situation that has not gotten much attention at all: Oakland Public Library is slated to have their budget DRASTICALLY cut, by 85%. Fourteen branches will be closed, leaving only 4 branches open to serve a population of over 400,000. Those four branches will be understaffed. This proposed budget will surely devastate the public library system in one of California’s largest cities.”

So here is where is gets really good! Rather than lay down and take it, the fantastic librarians at Oakland Public Library deserve mad props for their outreach, advocacy, and awareness campaigns. Many of these are broadcast through their Save Oakland Library Facebook Page that has over two thousands likes! I’m showing your their Facebook event pages instead of all the media about it because THIS is how you run a Facebook campaign!! AMAZING!

I’m going to link you to a couple below. You should do some of these if your library is in danger too. (San Jose Public Libraries are your there?)

Zombie Crawl to Save Oakland Library

Purple Pajama Storytime–plus PIZZA!

SILENT Funeral Procession for the Library–at ART MURMUR

Save Oakland Libraries Bike Ride

Save Oakland Library: Guerrilla Storytime #2!

Save Oakland Library: Guerrilla Storytime #1!!

Be sure to look for all the news about that was generated from these great events too. They are receiving a huge amount of media attention and that is where their power is coming from.

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