LibraryLab – Library Boing Boing is up and Running!

ALA Happy Mutants Rejoice! Library Boing Boing is here with its inaugural post! This is something that I’m very excited about, but haven’t had a chance to be as involved in as I originally would have liked (sorry Jenny and Jason). Basically, the amazing and wonderful Jenny Levine from ALA put together an opportunity to post to the great website using the name Librarylab. The content will be based around libraries and exposing all of the amazing things that libraries do for people on a non-library based forum (which you know I support).

Proposed Mission:
To bring librarians and Boing Boing readers (aka, Happy Mutants) together to generate support for and raise interest in libraries via projects at local libraries.

Proposed Goals:
• Help find and propose content about libraries that could be posted to Boing Boing.

• Provide active ways for Happy Mutants to support and get involved with their local libraries (eg, toolkits, best practices, ideas for local projects).

• Create dynamic programming at library conferences that Library Boing Boingers can then take outside of the library community to promote libraries (eg, SxSW, local community events, etc.).

• Work together to help Happy Mutants advance our shared interests (eg, copyright reform, net neutrality, game culture, digital divide issues, open government, etc.).

• Coordinate an international community of librarians working with their own Happy Mutant groups.

It’s being organized though the ALA Connect medium and you can join the backchannel discussion there. Jason Griffey and Jenny did an amazing job getting the folks together who did all of the background work and laid the foundation. But now, it’s time to get content and that’s where you come in! We’d love to hear what kinds of things your excited about in libraries that you think the world should know about. Have a great maker story from the library? A new library technology or innovation that you think the Happy Mutants would love to hear about? A thought on how folks can connect to the library in a new ways that people should know about? Tell us about something you think should be up on Boing Boing and see it up on the blog!

Battledecks at #calibconf 2011, the Slides, the Video, the Awesome

Here are the slides and video (thanks to Marie Slim) from the California library association 2011 conference in Pasadena. Thank you to everyone who made this whole thing happen! The Winner was Glen Warren who took the championship away from last year’s winner, Lori Bowen Ayre. The competition was fierce, the battle was epic and the winner was clear. This year’s champion received the Gold Microphone and a t-shirt of their choice from the Library Advocacy Store.

#calibconf Battledecks: The Battle Continues!

Announcing the triumphant return of Battledecks to the California Library and School Library Conference!

This fun and exciting program will challenge some of the best Library Presenters in California to show their skill and test their mettle!

Presenters will battle it out to give the best improvisational presentation based upon a set of 10 often humorous, unrelated, and hand-created slides that they are seeing for the first time live on stage. The presenters will face tough judgment and scrutiny from an unbiased and inscrutable team of judges. The best presenter will be determined based upon a variety of criteria but most importantly on their overall level of AWESOME! The most awesome presenter will walk away with the pride and honor of being crowned CLA/CSLA Battledecks champion of 2011.

Awesomeness, entertainment, and hilarity, along with a healthy dose of learning, is guaranteed for all!

Following the state library reception at 7:30pm in the Convention Center Main Deck from 7-8 pm (the same time)

Contenders for the title: (Could it be you? Volunteer!!)

1) Stacy Aldrich
2) Oleg Kagan
3) Derek Wolfgram
4) Lorin Bowen Ayre (Defending Champion)
5) Glen Warren
6) Jennifer Baker

Judges: (Could it be you? Volunteer!!)
1) Rosario Garza
2) Sam McBane Mulford
3) Hildie Verlaine Kraus
4) Kirby McCurtis

Emcee: Patrick Sweeney
Timekeeper/Vanna White: Andrea Davis
Slidemakers: Patrick Sweeney, Ashley Kagan (Burdick), Stephanie Roach
Logo (coming soon): __Anyone a graphic artist?____

Halftime Entertainment: Joan Frye Williams and George Needham in an exhibition Team Battledecks round!

Prizes: (To be Announced)

For more information or to register view the event on Facebook

#Calibconf Battledecks! The slides, the video, and the AWESOME!!

The Battledecks event at the CLA/CSLA conference in Sacramento was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came and supported (and hopefully enjoyed) the event, our amazing crew of judges, slidemakers, our gorgeous Vanna White, and of course the competitors. I also wanted to give quick background on Battledecks in libraryland and give some credit where it’s due. First of all, we all need to give a big THANK YOU to Janie Hermann who brought battledecks to library conferences in the first place at Internet Librarian in Monterey. She has been one of the great people that I have had the opportunity to know in librarianship. If you get a chance to meet her, everyone let her know how awesome she is. Also, I want to thank *Tiffany Mair for being so instrumental in helping open the lines of communication between all the folks that made this possible at CLA. The folks at InfoPeople for all of their support, Stacey Aldrich for pushing it forward and making it happen, and Holly Macriss for her overall level of awesome!! I learned a whole lot from this event and next year’s will be better and hopefully bigger!

Anyway…. The real reason you are here. The videos and Slides of Battledecks!

And… the Slides (note, 11 not 10 slides per deck. I forgot that I was sent some extra slides two days before the competition and snuck them in)

Here is a list of things I forgot to do this year that I will do next year… Start planning it earlier, triple and quadruple check the slides, use a high resolution conference logo, have better introductions for the competitors/judges/vanna white, remember to sync my iPhone music to play correct battledecks music by Ed Hermann, include a photo of the Battledecks Trophy in the intro slides, what else would you like to see?

*Tiffany Mair is awesome and graduating with her MLIS soon. She’s a big deal so hire her!

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Internet Librarian and Rockin’ Battledecks video.

One of the most entertaining (and strangely informative) parts of Internet Librarian in Monterey 2009 was Rockin’ Battledecks on Tuesday night. This video is just bits and pieces of everyone’s battle. I missed filming the winner, but it was Amy Bucland who did an amazing job. To be fair, everyone’s presentation was spectacular and fun!

Throughout the conference I was most impressed with the level of presentation abilities in just about every one of the sessions and I’m inspired to find something to present and see what I can do. Battledecks only highlighted the level of shear talent that was present at this conference. hope this becomes a part of more library conferences.

Sorry for the video quality, I have been putting off buying a Flip camera… I guess its time to spend the extra money. Luckily Aspen Walker (@AspenWalker) who invested in a Flip filmed the whole thing on her camera and you can check it out here

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